About Now

My writing has slowed only because my focus has been fervently on music as of late. While my family packs up our home and plans our next step in the mountains, I wear a strong desire to leave a nobler representation of my musical heart. “A Grief Observed” released and I have received wonderful remarks and love throughout the process. But I know, as well as anyone worth their salt, that it is a sad and despondent tale. One that I no longer live within. A better reflection of my current heart would include the hope, joy, and fearful trembling of falling into the hands of the Lord.

Therefore, I knew before the year was up that I wanted to leave behind a musical tale that expressed this new season. And without knowing what lies ahead, though it is strange and scary indeed, I am rushing myself to release the music as soon as possible. I may not otherwise have an opportunity this year. This leaves me in a constant state of packing, writing music, producing, and playing with my kids. Writing fiction and inspirational teaching, it would seem, have moved to a back burner. They will return though. I suspect after this musical season and after my family officially moves and plants itself in a new community.

Rest assured, the Dolor Series chapters will continue to be released, as I have already finished the current book (if you haven’t begun reading those stories, yet—you really should). And sometime March/April the new album will be released. Until then, here are a few nuggets you can mull over as I have this last week.

Greatness lies on the path of sacrifice and sorrow. But sacrifice as a means to an end is merely murder.

Greatness can only be attained once one is willing to let go of its allure. And what is greatness? If defined as fame, wealth, or appeasement—these things are not great. Greatness is the fruit of honor, contentment, and charity. Honor is far from fame; contentment far from appeasement; charity far from wealth. Sacrifice and sorrow lie among all these things.

It’s best to wander down the slow, long back road of greatness, than the interstate of half-witted desires for earthly success.

It’s best to remain silent and trudge through hell than scream and whine and shout for something that will be gone tomorrow.

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