My journey with songwriting began when I was fifteen, thanks in large part to skilled teachers and partners like Chris Johnson and Daniel Cusmano, and my unabashed obsession with songwriters like Gabriel Wilson, Martin Smith and Pink Floyd.

Influenced by the likes of The Listening, Eisley, M83, Thomas Bergersen, Bien, Daft Punk, and Hans Zimmer, I believe in music’s power to transport people and reveal the emotions they are unaware of. I want to take people on a journey that’s deeper than mere lyrics and rhythm. God created it for us to worship without using our words, but rather our hearts on display.

a grief observed

It’s been six years since I last wrote music. And in that time I have had great moments of joy, excitement, and success, followed, most recently, by heartache and betrayal that led to the resignation of my career and departure of my family from our community. My hope and desire is that through the cathartic and exhaustive experience of putting melodies and rhythms to my anguish, I can move on from all this tormenting mess. And in the process, express it to those who may have experienced some such heartache and, therefore, can relate to what is a severed suffering.

Regardless, it has been nothing short of a joy and pleasure to play music again and find ways to worship God without words. And this is, without doubt, worship. For even in our grief, if there is honesty and vulnerability, there is His Spirit. There are highs and lows. There is denial. There is anger. There is bargaining. There is depression. There is acceptance.

The grief is gone now. But the memory of it will always be with me. I hope you can benefit from its observation. You can follow this link to learn more about the individual tracks.

Please enjoy “A Grief Observed” available January 20th on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and wherever else you may look for music.

The Way of the Wilderness

*New single coming February 21, 2023

When King David fled Jerusalem after Absalom’s coup, he went toward the way of the wilderness (2 Samuel 15:23). 

The way of the wild is always a cycle. Adventure. Death. Rebirth. Adventure again. The fires burn down the forest and a new forest begins again. The wolf snatches a fawn, and a family is fed. The wild has night and day. Peaceful calm and sun-shining grace; and also creeping crackles and deadly gaits.

The Wild is alive. She calls upon the hearts of men like a siren. Her name is Artemis and she is both deadly and beautiful. Adventure lies in her quiver and death on her bowstring. But one does not truly know what living is unless they sleep in her dangerous arms. Many long to be with her when they hear the siren’s call. Yet beg for mercy when her fangs enter their throat. 

Most fear and reject the wilderness. They recognize its necessity but despise its presence. Comfort and appeasement lie in the land of the HOA and lovely bright lights. But greatness lies on the path of sacrifice and sorrow. 

To fall into the hand of the Lord is a fearful, dangerous endeavor. But in His hands, deep in the wild’s grace, is where we find our meaning and contentment. 

None were meant for HOA’s and utility bills. All were meant for the wild. And once you realize that, it’s too late to retreat.