Starry Night

I’m a stargazer under Your gaze.
No stranger to Your strange ways.
In the night, I feel Your smile,
As long as I’m slow enough to stay awhile.

From Hell, You have rescued me;
From lies, You have led me.
I’ll tell of Your wondrous ways,
This night, the longest night, the longest night.

You have made darkness Your secret place,
And under Your shadow I hide my face,
A sanctuary of hope and dreams.
I’ll try to wait a little longer before I stir and leave.

I’m a stargazer and I’m under Your gaze.
Thank you for holding me in the night days.
Nothing can change the truth of Your hand.
Nothing can ever remove Your sovereign plan.
God of Heaven,
God of earth,
God of stars,
And God of mirth,
In the darkness, I hide my face.
In the shadow of Your gaze,
In the mystery of Your secret place

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