Vultures prowl,
Wherever eagles fly.
Wolves howl,
Wherever deer lie.
There’s night and day on the wilderness.
Some may stay;
Some may say,

“It’s dangerous.”

Cold and shivered;
Hot and blistered.
This is the scary part of the wild.
Majesty and mastery;
Terror and tyranny.
For every allure in the wild,
There’s a snare in the grass.

Bats, snakes, venom, and teeth.
Deer, rabbits, sunshine, and peace.
The wild doesn’t care about your fear.
It wants your blood; it wants you here.

But when the winds finish moving,
And finally catch your breath,
You see nothing before was living,
"Inside there’s" only death.
Because out here in the wild,
Is where things finally get scary.
But out here in the wild,
Is where life and meaning carry.

Come out into the wild and see,
The One who haunts your dreams.
She’ll promise to make you laugh,
Just as much as She’ll make you crash.

The stars parade in brilliance.
The waters erode such diffidence.
The winds will swing in elegance.
The night will crush your pestilence,
—or is it indifference?—
—what’s the difference?

Catch the wings of a cardinal’s grasp,
Let go of all you thought you had.
The wild has got you now,
And there’s no turning back

3 responses to “Artemis”

  1. Let’s go! A couple weeks ago I was on a mountain in Tennessee, and felt like a boy again. Yes, there are perilous pinnacles and slippery ravines the stuff of nightmares the stuff of dreams.

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