I’m so angry inside 
Too angered to die
Cos in the flash of an eye
Was gone my whole life

I gave my soul to a place
And my heart to a fake
But these things were meant to fade
I should never entrusted my heart to this charade
Instead to Your Name

I am a cropped image
I am a cut clip
I am a hushed tone
Only a forgotten blip
They don’t speak of me anymore
Like the memory of a wicked whore

All I did was give everything I have
And tell the truth when no one else had

I want to scream out now
To yell and fight
My fists feel tight—or are they light?
I want ‘o give in to my might
You wolf, you liar, you thief
What more am I but a forgotten fief?

Crop me out more
Lie about my name
Since the day I was born
I’ve only given everything

And now I’m not even a memory
Because a memory would have the honor of being whispered
Instead I’m the curse

That you wish was forgotten

Into the trash heap with me
Nowhere else, please
I wish others knew
This is what happens when they’re through

Oh, but Heaven knows my name
My Lord has seen my tears
God, avenge my soul
Wipe away all my fears

Hold me high and not let me die
Hear me, please, and let me sleep
I don’t want to give in
I don’t want to give up
Help me be nothing
more than your son
And wherever iniquity lies within me
Root me out and bleed me

Hear me, Lord
See me, Father
Take my ashes
And make something beautiful
Take my ashes
I don’t want them anymore

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