A Short Message

Sin is defined as dishonor.

The one who dishonors will himself not be honored.
And the one who is dishonored will himself be honored by his Father in Heaven.

I’m reminded of Jesus and, specifically, the pain He must have felt remaining silent among so much hatred and dishonor while on trial before Pilate. He laid His life down and was quickly turned on and ridiculed. And that honor, or dishonor really, just rings in my heart like a powerful gong. It reminds me again of how we need to push ourselves to honor others more whether they “have earned” it or not.

Honor is not earned. It is given. Regardless of the person or accomplishment. It is about looking beyond the person in the present circumstance and seeing them as Christ sees them. And in that honor, we will see people become what God has called them to be. 

One response to “A Short Message”

  1. Honor: to assign value to one made in God’s image; that is, both ourselves and others. To dishonor myself or dishonor another person made in His image is dishonoring Him. That’s why it is all sin.

    There are two other words defining sin. One deals with “breaking trust” the other with being “crooked or bent” rather than straight or plumb.

    We can talk about those sometime, if you like. Great word!

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