Plague Dog

We’re on the run, we’re on the run
The man’s out looking and he’s got his gun
Keep your head down, no time for fun

Into the cave, into the cave
We finally have a place to misbehave
I wonder if I am still sane

I didn’t mean to tear at the holly-down sheep
Now the blood’s running down, all over me
Tod says, “it’s okay, everybody eats.”

I ‘member a Master who taught me fun
But here come’s the man and he’s got his gun
No time in the sun; run, run, run

Everything’s upside and nothing makes sense
All the sheep and the colors twist in suspense
Shots fired, get down, run for the fence
No time for fun; run, run, run

Rumors keep spreading that I’m infected
Keep in the dark or you’ll be detected
Keep up the bark, be on the defensive

Could it be, could it really be?
On the shore, standing by the sea,
The Master who’s searched all over for me

I only wanted out of the white coat’s tank
I’m not a bad dog; I never had a plague
I’m not at all bad; tod made me that way

Is it too late, am I bout to drown?
If I stay any longer, I’ll sink into the clouds

What’s coming up, now, I know I’m dead
A man walks on water on top of my head
He doesn’t seem upset that I ‘scaped and fled

He’s saving me; he’s rescuing
My God, my God, it’s happening

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